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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 24, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a battle teen's body discovered in massachusetts. the clues thaa indicate he might have fallen from an airplane. remember this? the steps the city of baltimore is taking to keep you safe this coming winter. rain for thanksgiving but then things clear up for he weekend. the cool temperattres to expect in my skywatch forecast. there are about 200 different viruses, probably more than that, that cause the cold. >> what works and what doesn't3 to keep the germs away? %- hello i'm jennifer gilber.
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>> and i'm jeff barnd. the bizarre story surrounding the death of a 16-year-old whose body was discovered in a boston suburb. >> it's possible he was tried trying to get to baltimore when he hid in the wheel well of april aircraft. >> joy lepola takes a closer look. >> reporter: at the time of his disappearance he was living in charlotte, north carolina but family members say the keep may have been trying to get back to baltimore where he lived until he as 13. f.a.a. officials tonight saying a flight from north carolina did pass over the area in boston -here his body was found last week, and it is in that jeopardy area where typically southbound planes drop their landing gear. if this theory paps out, that would mean he fell from about 2000 feet in the air. >> mass port was asked to find
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out some something about a flight track that goes over on a certain day and certain time and we did that with the computers and provided whoever requested it. i don't even know that information. we're not involved in an investigation. we know nothing about stow aways or anybody. we were asked to find out a couple of things. we did that. >> reporter: the f.a.a. says since 1966 therr have been 63 ins dents involving wheel well stowa ways and most have ended in death. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you, joy. police investigating a murder in northeast baltimore at this hour. it happened around 12:30 this morning on plainfield avenue. police discovered a man hit in the head. no word tonight on any suspects. police are stepping up patrols in southwest bbltimore after a rash of fatal
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shootings. keith daniels live at the scene where someone gunned down a teenager. >> reporter: we're live at swan avenue. someone shot and killed a 19-year-old map here friday at abouu 5:00 that day. police have seep at least six shootings, three of them fatal over four days since friday. now a triple shooting happened about a mile from here friday night at about 10:30. the violence broke out. a gunman killed a 29-year-old man. the two others are expected to survive. police believe the shootings could be connected but are not releasing details just yet. the recent violence has policee@ beefing up patrol city-wide in general, southwest baltimore in particular. sreuplg lent too.nts should be >> typically thanksgiving is a3 busy holiday for police in general. there are a lot of people that3
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gatherings. so people should use common sense. they should enjoy themselves and just make smart decisions and stay safe the span of the weekend. >> reporter: tkap dan, fox 45 news at 5:30. well, it is the busiest people on their way to their@ thanksgiving destination. melinda roeder joins us with how the day has been at bmithurgood marshall airport. >> reporter: we expected to see long lines at security and the gates but most passengers told us they left early allowing and most say they were made aware of the security changes through media reports. the big difference from last year is the new body scanners, x-ray machines that eliminate the need for old metal detectors. those who refused to be scanned are subject for a patdown. but not everyone was picked for
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thht step and it was a relief for some wary passengers. >> i was kind of scared but fortunately i didn't have to good through it. >> reeorter: none of the passengers we talked about complained about the scanners and most said their flights were right on time today. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 5:30. penn station busy today with holiday travelers getting to their destinations. amtrak says today will be the busiest day of the year. i-95 construction could be making it very difficult to give thanks tonight. work at the new toll plaza is causing big delays. the backup could be and was pre predicted to be 20 miles in length. holiday travelers talked about their thanksgiving journey. >> trying times with kids, whose breathing on me, whose feet smell? you hear ii all. >> get a little bit of coffee and breakfast and keep it
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going. >> reporter: drivers heading north on i-95 going through the toll plaza is free. so that easing any of thh pain? lauren cooke has our traffic edge report. lauren? >> reporter: it certainly seems to be doing the trick. here's a live look at 95. if we can pull up that shot here at 279. this is going to be 95 near bwi, so no concerns there. you'lllnotice quite a bit of congestion but no real problems, not aaywhere as to what was expected. that's good news for thoseeof you heading up to delaware tonight. on the west side of the belt way it's going to be very packed here. do expect congestion traveling along the inner loop and outer loop. here's a live look at hartford road. you'll notice a much different scene, nothing to get in your way. bel air road and take that down
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to 95. if you are traaeling in the city, you do want to watch out for april accident that's going to be downtown at east saratoga street. -ortunately the items will be clear tonight, absolutely no problems to get in your way. high of 53 miles per hour. the harbor unnel will remain clear as well. that's a look at your traffic edge, jeff and jennifer back to you. >> here's another app for your thanksgiving travels. it's the smart phone app. down load our app on any cellphone. searcc for fox 45 in your app store. more tax dollars aae heading to casa day maryland. now jeff abell is here to he will us why it's under attack again. jeff? >> reporter: critics have long argued that casa day maryland does not deserve tax dollars. it provides service to see immigrants whether they are in the country legally or not. the groupphas received $2.5
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million to fund its programs and today approved another $150,000 for casa day maryland. >> they provide to people in need job training, illegal health support. >> they are aiding and abetting illegal immigrants and under the federal immigration act, you cannot do that. >> reporter: this new round of funding comes from the federal government but it's diitributed by the city. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 5:30. question of the day, should taxpayer money be used to fund casa de maryland. you can text us, send us a tweet and our response could ir tonight on fox 45 news at 150. do you remember this? we hate to everyooe think about it.
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this is hat city of baltimore looked like last february of record amounts of snow fell. if it happens this winter, the city says it's ready. they got their snow removal equipment out of storage. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake ssys the city has $3.5 million in this season's snow budget. >> the snow removal operation includes over 300 essential personnel, 254 pieces of equipment as well as 15,200 tons of salt. >> for information and updates throughout the snow season, city residents can call the snow line, 410-396-snow. runie nose, sore throat, itchy eyes, sounds like the common cold to me. >> still ahead if things like vitamin c really help ward off a cold, and the best thing you can do to keep the germs away. kids meals being banned in one major city.
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what fast food restaurants have to do if they want to keep selling them. crime at the mall. i'm karen parks and i'll tell you a new way to fight back. %-effect for western portions of maryland. there's rain headed in our direction and some people may see freezing rain and sleet. i'll lee you know where that will fall coming up in my skywatch forecast.
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some very high-profile robberies have local malls taking a new approach to fighting crime. karen parks is standing by live at thh mall whhre dogs aparently will be on patrol there. >> reporter: the last thing you would expect to see inside of a mall is a k-9 on patrol. let me introouce you to bruno and his hammer dan making sure shoppers are safe inside and outside the mall and to keep criminals from coming in. bruno has been in malls around the country for four years. he arrived here in baltimore this past monday. each k-9 goes through a minimum of 300 hours of training and certification and shoppers, as you see, are encouraged to
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approach and pet them. >> initially we were a little concerned that customers might be alittle hesitant or wonder what the implications are and we found that overwhelmingly they embrace it, they feel very safe and secure and it's a positive response overall. >> reporter: the german activity here at the gallery, columbia mall. marsh, karen parks, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you, corner. spent part of their day making ssre those less fortunate had a nice thanksgiving. they spent the morning happening ouu holiday basket to residents along west avenue in west baltimore. >> they look forward to it. they looked forward to go out and try to interact with the public not just on an official basis but doing something like
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this to help out. it's what we do every day. >> every fire station in the city spent a few hours today delivering these baskets. it's part of a partnership between the fire department and a local fire europe. a baltimore county farm is helping fill the tables of coming holiday. considerer mill farm was very busy making pies, ppes and more pies today. they baked more than 3800 pies so far, mainly pre orders. you can always walk in and pick one out. >> we've been doing this for 25 years. we think ours is the best of course. >> robber's is on proctor lane in parkville. they will be open untii 8 p.m. tonight, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow. a baltimore county country store expected to sell as happy as 1500 fresh turkeys before it closes at 7 tonight. richardson's farm in height marsh has become a holiday tradition toohappy. john price wants to fulfill his
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family's dying wish and get a 40 pound turkey for his family. >> he says i have to take over the thanksgiving tradition. i said okay, i can do that. so he kind of passed it over to me. it's touching. >> richardson's farms always sells all the turkey trimmings. there are about 200 different viruses, probably more than that, that cause the cold. >> fighting the coming up cold. pharmacies are filled with lots of products that promise to help. find out wwy one sign activity says don't believe the hype. a low pr
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in health check now, a new law to fight childhood obesity passes in the city of san fran. the makers of happy meals and other fat food if i remembers are not allowed to sell them with toys in san francisco unless they meet strict -utritional guidelines. the law gets into effect next year. the common cold, it's something we all had to deal with. what's the best way to get some relief. jennifer of charlottesviile is a science writer and author of "a-choo" ". research shows vitamin cdoesn't
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do anything to cure colds. one of the best things you can do is simply wash your happens a >> one study actually ssowed that we pick our noses up to five times april hour which sounds like a lot but most of it is unconscious. >> plain soap and water is great. you don't need anti-bacteria soaps. they don't do anything extra for you. >> who is she hanging around with. >> does she say we are picking our noses? >> five times april hour. pain relievers such as ibuprofen can help when you have a cold and chicken soup can help too because it has an antiinflammatory affect. >> we pick our noses. >> speak for yourself. looks like we're going to have a rainy thanksgiving. >> at least part of it.
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>> save us, please. >> that means two times since we've been on air, jeff. >> man. >> we do have some rain to talk about in the forecast. a large low pressure system heading in our direction, and it is moving quickly. it won't just bring some of it rain. some wintery weather in store for us as well. precipitation by tomorrowtery morning is certainly bringing that bbck to the west, into chicago and other areas of the midwest seeing that wintery weather. for us at home we are dry right now. as the system moves east it will pick up some cold air so those western counties of maryland say see some freezing rain and mixe3 with some sleet by early tommrrow morning. it will depend on the timing of the front as it passes through the area but we'll keep an eye on that. and there's a winter weather advisory for those portions of maryland. they do have that possibility of sleet mixed with freezing rain
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and it could accumulate up to a tenth of april inch. some counties just west of baltimore may see some sleet and freezing rain as well. so harold county, good possibility there and it will not accumulate to anything in @%ose areas. not for this evening. temperatures are in the mid 40s in baltimore. 44 degrees, 43 in hagueers down and 45 in washington, d.c. and we will watch this low pressure system continue to work its way east bringing some wet travels to folks in the midwest overnight tonight and early some rough travels in the mid atlantic tomorrow morning. even friday morning we'll watch the front push through the area. behind it though we will have cold air to talk about. and come about brisk winds asd well a little closer to home i want to show you the time line here on when this rain arrives because it will be overnight tonight into tomorrow morning and those folks who will be
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below freezing may see that mixed precipitation. most of us will just see a rain event as it passes through the area tomorrow. we get another round of precipitation on friday morning of that cold front passes through the area and that will come friday and be out of here by midday. after that pushes through we will see clearer weather and cooler their by the weekend. 36 degrees, showers come in late and early morning precipitation as well. a high tomorrow of only 46 for our thanksgiving. i'll tell you about more rain and colder temperatures coming up in the seven-day forecast. let me say that it feels pretty good to stop at least ooe shellacking this november. >> that was a good one. it's that time of year, time for the president to pardone
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